Web & Data Services

Web Presence

A functional and organized website can be a powerful tool for both marketing and information management purposes. More than ever before people are connected through this medium and businesses and Associations can take advantage of its potential in ways that are beneficial to their specific goals.

Records Management

Records storage and management can be problematic for small businesses and Associations who may generate a lot of paperwork and transaction data. Digitization and archiving strategies can really help you get a handle on your mountain of data and break it down to a file heirarchy of your design and add search and retrieve capabilities for specific information.

Online Meeting

Tele-conference and video conferencing are crucial technologies to getting meetings done regardless of the location of the participants. We offer tele-conferencing presently for many of our community association meetings and everyone involved has loved the functionality and convenience of this type of meeting. We will continue to research and get involved with these technologies and to use them to serve you with increased efficiency.

Responsive design principles ensure your website is accessible and usable across all devices and operating systems.

picture of phone version of website vs. laptop version

Web technologies have become an indispensable tool for organizing and analyzing data and keeping you connected.