Contract Negotiation & Project Tracking

Contract Negotiation

A long history in the construction industry involving both domestic and international projects prepares us for the complexities of contract negotiation and project tracking in todays rapid paced business environment. Pulling together all of the facets associated with complex projects and their related components such as the bidding process, specific insurance needs, risk management, contractor relations etc., is an area in which we have a high degree of experience and confidence.

Project Tracking

We can provide project tracking for many various types of projects large and small. Providing a strong communication link between you, the engineering and architectural teams, and the contractors involved. Progress tracking is crucial to maintaining budgets and timelines, as well as keeping all necessary personel in the loop at all times and creates a file for photographs of job progress and a daily/weekly/monthly report documenting all pertinent information and communications.

A three year project in Saratoga Springs in which we participated were the improvements made to 48 Union Avenue which culminated in the third phase of the jobs selection for "Porch Restoration Award" from the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation and the Mayor of Saratoga Springs. An Award Certificate was presented at a ceremony in Saratoga Springs on May 29th 2014.

The scope of work for this phase included shoring the porch system, removing the old deteriorated rail systems and many of the major support columns on both the upper and lower levels of the porch and replacing them with a combination of new wood and synthetic components. Improvements to the upper rail system were made to allow for improved drainage and better safety characteristics for those enjoying this beautiful porch.

48 union pic


New columns and rail sections


48 union pic

Side view with new landscaping