What we offer

General book keeping services including but not limited to the following.

Chart of Accounts - Set up to meet your specific bank account requirements and your budgeted income and costs.

Budget - Annual Budget is generally a joint effort with the final approval by the Board of Managers followed by installation into the book keeping system.

Accounts Payable - Includes data entry, check preperation and delivery to signatory parties followed by disbursement to vendor/payee.

Monthly Cost Report - An integrated system tied to Budget and Chart of Accounts.

Monthly Reporting System - Will include all activity for the past month with monthly cost and cost to date vs. budgeted cost to date. Will include a list of all checks for the past month, ownerdue balances and a Balance Sheet listing bank accounts, payables and receivables.

Dues - Invoicing and collection.

Year End by Association Accountant - Will include all monthly reports as well as bank statements sent to your accountant for review and tax filings as well as the year end financial report to the client / association.


How We Can Help You?

Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our flexibility and ability to offer specific, focused services can become a powerful tool at your disposal.

"Year end is approaching - Keep calm and carry on accounting."

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Business bookkeeping can be a daunting task. We can help you connect the dots.